Burleigh Falls Ontario, Where the Water's Meet


Formerly known as "The Chute" the waters narrow as they descend from Lovesick Lake to Stony Lake, creating a cascade which was used as a log chute in the 1800's.

The area also known as the "land between"  The Land Between is an ecotone – a region between the Shield and Lowlands stretching across south-central Ontario from Georgian Bay to the Frontenac Arch. It runs parallel to, but just north of Highway #7. This landscape is less rugged than the near-north, but not as flat and arable as the south. Look further and see the landscape undulating in patterns of low to high and wet to dry. It has an abundance of glittering small lakes, rivers, and wetlands between open granite ridges and limestone plains, few roads, small dispersed communities, and scattered farm lands between shaded woods.  The Land Between is also rich in culture and heritage as it is also a meeting place of Great Nations of the Anishnaabeg, Wendatt, and Haudenashaunee. Early European Settlers had to be creative to survive and thrive with limited spaces for agriculture. The Land Between includes part of a major historic and current navigation route: the Trent Severn Waterway. It is a modern mix of urban and wilderness. Its economy is based on the natural capital but also on creativity and diversity. It is a natural wonder, an outdoor enthusiasts paradise, a place of ancient stories, and of new adventures. It is the home of the canoe, of kids camps, of visible night skies, and with a vibrant culture of First Nations, innovative settlers, entrepreneurs and artists. 

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In the Beginning... The Park Hotel est 1859

  The Inn (formerly known as the Park Hotel), was built in 1857 by Mr Holmes and served to welcome tired lumber men who would have been driving logs through the local lakes and rivers southward, on their way to lumber mills in Lakefield and Peterborough.  
The Inn succumbed to a debilitating fire in 1899, a Mr Darcy rebuilt the Inn with the vision of it becoming a summer destination, a fishermans' paradise.   Evolving through the years the Inn was an integral part of the area, not only for visitors seeking lodging, but for the local population offering employment opportunities, information about the surrounding area, and the trading post (now the Market @ Burleigh Falls) for essential supplies.  It is said that the Burleigh Falls Inn is haunted by spirits of the past; souls who fell in love with the area and couldn't leave.