The Grill @ Burleigh Falls lakeside dining

The Little Grill with a Bistro Twist

In Late Fall 2016, we reintroduced the Grill back to Burleigh Falls.  Our little Grill with a Bistro inspired menu features all of your Kawartha Cottage classics, alongside many seasonal features. 

In the Summer Time join us on the Lakeview Porch for great local music on weekends, and in the off season join us for our many special events. lakeside dining

Call For Reservations 705 654 4745

Grill Hours

Summer Hours

The Grill "Downstairs"

Monday - 9am - 12pm (Breakfast)

Tuesday - 12pm - 5pm

Wednesday & Thursday - 12pm -8pm

Saturday - 9am - 12pm (Breakfast)

Sunday - 9am - 12pm  (Breakfast)

The Porch "Upstairs"

Friday - 12pm -8pm

Saturday - 12pm - 8pm

Sunday - 12pm -7pm

note: due to private functions the "Porch" may be closed on select Dates

*Reservations Recommended and Appreciated for parties of 6 or more.


#MusiconthePorch Series- 1pm -4pm Sun., and select Sat.

Weekend Breakfast/ Brunch (docx)


Summer 2019 Menu (pdf)


The Grill, Lakeside Grill with a Bistro Twist